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Sex During Pregnancy

If you're pregnant or even planning a pregnancy, you've probably found an abundance of information about sex before pregnancy (that is, having sex in order to conceive) and sex after childbirth (general consensus: expect a less active sex life when there's a newborn in the house).

But there's less talk about the topic of sex during pregnancy, perhaps because of our culture's tendency to dissociate expectant mothers from sexuality. Like many parents-to-be, you may have questions about the safety of sex and what's normal for most couples.

Well, what's normal tends to vary widely, but you can count on the fact that there will be changes in your sex life. Open communication will be the key to a satisfying and safe sexual relationship during pregnancy.

Is It Safe to Have Sex During Pregnancy?
If you're having a normal pregnancy, sex is considered safe during all stages of the pregnancy.

So what's a "normal pregnancy"? It's one that's considered low-risk for complications such as miscarriage or pre-term labor. Talk to your doctor, nurse-midwife, or other pregnancy health care provider if you're uncertain about whether you fall into this category. (The next section of this article may help, too.)

Of course, just because sex is safe during pregnancy doesn't mean you'll necessarily want to have it! Many expectant mothers find that their desire for sex fluctuates during certain stages in the pregnancy. Also, many women find that sex becomes uncomfortable as their bodies get larger.

You and your partner need to keep the lines of communication open regarding your sexual relationship. Talk about other ways to satisfy your need for intimacy, such as kissing, caressing, and holding each other. You also may need to experiment with other positions for sex to find those that are the most comfortable.

Many women find that they lose their desire and motivation for sex late in the pregnancy - not only because of their size but also because they're preoccupied with the impending delivery and the excitement of becoming a new parent.

When It's Not Safe
There are two types of sexual behavior that aren't safe for any pregnant woman:

If you engage in oral sex, your partner should not blow air into your vagina. Blowing air can cause an air embolism (a blockage of a blood vessel by an air bubble), which can be potentially fatal for mother and child.
You should not have sex with a partner whose sexual history is unknown to you or who may have a sexually transmitted disease, such as herpes, genital warts, chlamydia, or HIV. If you become infected, the disease may be transmitted to your baby, with potentially dangerous consequences.
If your doctor, nurse-midwife, or other pregnancy health care provider anticipates or detects certain significant complications with your pregnancy, he or she is likely to advise against sexual intercourse. The most common risk factors include:

a history or threat of miscarriage
a history of pre-term labor (you've previously delivered a baby before 37 weeks) or signs indicating the risk of pre-term labor (such as premature uterine contractions)
unexplained vaginal bleeding, discharge, or cramping
leakage of amniotic fluid (the fluid that surrounds the baby)
placenta previa, a condition in which the placenta (the blood-rich structure that nourishes the baby) is situated down so low that it covers the cervix (the opening of the uterus)
incompetent cervix, a condition in which the cervix is weakened and dilates (opens) prematurely, raising the risk for miscarriage or premature delivery
multiple fetuses (you're having twins, triplets, etc.)
Common Questions and Concerns
The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about sex during pregnancy.

Can sex harm my baby?
No, not directly. Your baby is fully protected by the amniotic sac (a thin-walled bag that holds the fetus and surrounding fluid) and the strong muscles of the uterus. There's also a thick mucus plug that seals the cervix and helps guard against infection. The penis does not come into contact with the fetus during sex.

Can intercourse or orgasm cause miscarriage or contractions?
In cases of normal, low-risk pregnancies, the answer is no. The contractions that you may feel during and just after orgasm are entirely different from the contractions associated with labor. However, you should check with your health care provider to make sure that your pregnancy falls into the low-risk category. Some doctors recommend that all women stop having sex during the final weeks of pregnancy, just as a safety precaution, because semen contains a chemical that may actually stimulate contractions. Check with your health care provider to see what he or she thinks is best.

Is it normal for my sex drive to increase or decrease during pregnancy?
Actually, both of these possibilities are normal (and so is everything in between). Many pregnant women find that symptoms such as fatigue, nausea, breast tenderness, and the increased need to urinate make sex too bothersome, especially during the first trimester. Generally, fatigue and nausea subside during the second trimester, and some women find that their desire for sex increases. Also, some women find that freedom from worries about contraception, combined with a renewed sense of closeness with their partner, makes sex more fulfilling. Desire generally subsides again during the third trimester as the uterus grows even larger and the reality of what's about to happen sets in.

Your partner's desire for sex is likely to increase or decrease as well. Some men feel even closer to their pregnant partner and enjoy the changes in their bodies. Others may experience decreased desire because of anxiety about the burdens of parenthood, or because of concerns about the health of both the mother and their unborn child.

Your partner may have trouble reconciling your identity as a sexual partner with your new (and increasingly visible) identity as an expectant mother. Again, remember that communication with your partner can be a great help in dealing with these issues.

When to Call Your Doctor
Call your health care provider if you're unsure whether sex is safe for you. Also, call if you notice any unusual symptoms after intercourse, such as pain, bleeding, or discharge, or if you experience contractions that seem to continue after sex.

Remember, "normal" is a relative term when it comes to sex during pregnancy. You and your partner need to discuss what feels right for both of you.


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BRITNEY SPEARS' mother LYNNE was shocked when her famous daughter became pregnant so quickly after her marriage, but has gradually warmed to the idea of becoming a "hot grandma".

Spears and husband KEVIN FEDERLINE wed in September 2004 after a whirlwind five-month romance and are expecting their first child this month (SEP05).

While Spears' mother Lynne initially thought her 23-year-old daughter would wait a few years before starting a family, she is now excited about becoming a grandmother at the age of 50.

Spears enthuses, "(At first, Mom was) taken aback. I think she thought I was probably going to wait a little bit, be married for a while.

"But those weren't the plans of Britney!

"She's going to be a hot grandma. And I'm going to be a hot mom."

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Pregnant Belly Story - A Beachball of a Situation

from XXX Stories

I stepped out of the changing room in my blue and
yellow one-piece bathing suit. Over one shoulder was
draped my big beach blanket and over my other shoulder
was draped my cloth bag containing my beach visit
essentials: suntan oil, a bottle of mineral water, two
sandwiches and a bag of fat-free chips. A beach umbrel-
la stuck under my right arm, resting atop the swell of
my right breast.
The boys stopped and stared, as did the girls, as I
walked through the little brick pavillion. My 68 inch
bosoms heaved and quaked in my bathing suit like two
gigantic waterballoons.
Stepping from cool concrete and shade to warm sand and
bright sun, I hit the beach. The sandy shore was lit-
tered with bodies, all of which were laying about like
driftwood scattered after a storm. I found my spot in
the midst of stares and whispering, dropped my beach
paraphenalia and claimed my territory with the ka-chunk
of the beach umbrella pole.
I had been laying there, under the glare of the sun off
my well-oiled body, when the sound of hoots and whis-
tles shattered my tranquility.
"Hey, Miss Jugs, play some volleyball!" and "Maybe we
can climb those sand dunes!" came from a group of young
men walking by my locale. I sat up and smiled at them,
my nipples hardened at their stares and jeering. I
leaned back, breasts jutting full up, and gave a twist
that sent my heavy bosom into a sloppy sway from left
to right and left to right. The guys responded with
more hoots and shouts. I cut them short with a sway of
my middle finger.
"Go suck air!" a guy replied to my gesture. I didn't
see the beachball until it was in my face.
The multi-colored beachball hit me square in the face.
The shock sent me backwards and the ball rolled down,
up over my bust and was caught in the "basket" my bulg-
ing breasts, bellie and bent knees had made. I laid
there on my back with hands grasping the beachball that
lay atop my stomach.
"You" I felt peculiar. "jerks?"
There was a tingling within my belly. An odd sensation.
A slight pressure. I looked to the peaks of my breasts,
eyeing the beachball. I saw the big beachball actually
rise up, like a multi-colored moon rising above two
blue and yellow draped mountians. "What's happening?"
I thought.
I slid one hand under the beachball, running my fingers
over my bathing suit. I was surprised to find my tummy
with a definite swell to it now compared to its trim
flatteness it had been mere seconds ago. I felt the
stem of the beachball, the air intake nozzle sticking
downward, poking into my suit where my belly button was
located. I realized something was amiss and grasped the
beachball again.
"Oh my gosh!" I cried feeling the beachball actually
shrinking in size while my tummy, my once slim little
tummy pushing up and up and up.
The beachball grew smaller. Its skin growing loose
against my hands that were pressing against it. As the
skin of the big beachball finally collapsed into a
lifeless husk on top of me, I found my hands now rest-
ing on a huge dome-shaped bulge, my new ballooned up
belly. I moved the lifeless shell of beachball away and
laid there running my little hands over and over my
expanded tummy. My suit had contained my new blossoming
"Mommy, look at that pregnant lady." I turned my head
to the right to see a little girl and her mother walk-
ing near. The little girl was pointing at my huge belly
and her mother was staring in awe.
"Let's leave her alone," the mother said and hurried
on. I wondered why the woman was acting so odd. It was
as if she had never seen a pregnant woman before.
That's when I felt my suit shift. I gasped, feeling
again that strange sensation within me. I was continu-
ing to swell up.
"No! No! No!" I cried as my suit tightened and my hands
rested on my ballooning belly. I grew bigger and bigger
and bigger. It wasn't stopping. I was somehow still
taking in air, my belly blowing up like a giant beach-
ball. It wasn't going to stop! It wasn't going to stop!
I was getting too big!
My mind did a woop-de-do in my skull. The sun sank on
its side, slipping down the angling blue sky like an
egg yoke splattered against a wall. The waves and the
sound of the people all about me faded out as did my
senses. I passed out, tummy still inflating.
I came to in the shade of the brick pavilion. I was
still on my back. Two tanned men with red and white
shorts stood by.
"You alright, ma'am?" one of the men politely asked. A
small crowd had formed behind them.
"I think so," I said forgeting for a second where I had
been and what had happened.
The two men helped me off a gurney. I almost fell for-
ward, gasping. My eyes caught sight, below my heavy big
bust, my huge round belly that stuck out as if I had
swallowed five beachballs.
"Are you sure you are okay?" the other life guard
"Ummm I'll be fine," I smiled, my hands resting on my
enormous tummy.
"Motherhood is swell."
What was I going to do?

Pregnant Belly

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